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Research  >  Identification and conservation of original material on or by Mahatma Gandhi (Research project)


Identification and conservation of original material on or by Mahatma Gandhi (Research project)


Indian newspapers edited by Mahatma GandhiGandhServe's long-term mission is to identify and conserve original material on or by Mahatma Gandhi. In co-operation with Gandhi's family, his associates and contemporaries, we safeguard documents, photographs and films, and make them available for exhibitions, publications, and research. The foundation possesses the largest archive on Gandhi outside India as well as the largest photo archive concerning India's independence movement in the world.

Although the life of Mahatma Gandhi has been documented widely it's a careful experts' guess that only max. 70% of his writings and max. 60% of his photographs are known and available for research and publications. In the past original material on Gandhi has been collected in India through public appeals and by correspondence only. A large number of documents, letters, photographs and films are still to be traced and preserved. GandhiServe Foundation makes a systematic approach to the known and unknown sources.

In view of increasing violence in personal lives, in public and in international conflicts it is important to study the life and work of the 'Apostle of Nonviolence' carefully in order to set a counter-balance. The material yet to be traced and preserved through this project is essential for a proper documentation of Gandhi's life. This project helps to understand the ethics of nonviolence better, and thus inspires and enables people, institutions, and even nations to consider nonviolent means for the solution of current problems.

In a survey carried out by GandhiServe Foundation founder-chairperson Peter RĂ¼he several hundred people and institutions have been identified as owners of original material of Gandhi. This list forms a base for a systematic search. The identified sources are visited systematically, and further sources are identified on the spot. Permission of the individual owner provided, copies of the motifs are prepared instantaneously with the help of latest technology. By this the owners need not have to part with their precious material, and receive help for its preservation. History shows that a lot of valuable material is rotting due to unfavourable climatic conditions and also mishandling.

This project helps saving precious material on and by Mahatma Gandhi for the present generation as well as posterity. - YOU can help the project.

Now a lot of the rescued material can be viewed on GandhiMedia.

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