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With YOUR donation YOU support our work!

The GandhiServe Foundation needs financial help to execute its numerous scientific and educational projects.

We aim to promote the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, believing firmly that Gandhi‘s message of truth, love and nonviolence is still relevant today. Or even more relevant than ever before, considering the ecological catastrophy we‘re facing, and the increase of different forms of violence in both personal and public life. The ethics of nonviolence, as practised and cultivated by Mahatma Gandhi, live on, regardless of national or political boundries.

Donations are needed for

1) the execution of research projects that primarily identify and conserve original documents on and by Mahatma Gandhi, and

2) the execution of such educational projects which propagate peace, the ethic of nonviolence, and the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching.

Please contact us for further information.

The GandhiServe Foundation is a charitable body as per §5 - 1, No.9, KStG - Germany.

Donations are tax exempted as per §10, EStG - Germany. A receipt - in German or English - will be sent immediatly.

You can donate by
  • Money transfer:
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    • Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG
    • Bank address: Oranienburger Straße 13-14, 10178 Berlin, Germany
    • Bank code: 100 205 00
    • Account no. 300 5000
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Mahatma Gandhi at Sevagram Ashram, 1945

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