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The GandhiServe Foundation executes such educational projects which propagate peace, the ethics of nonviolence, and the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching.

  • The Gandhi Bridge of Understanding
    In co-operation with our partner institutions in India, we organize painting events entitled Mahatma Gandhi - As I See Him for youth of 10-18 years. These events aim to inspire the study of Gandhi's life and thoughts, and to reflect upon its relevance today. The pictures are then exhibited in Germany, the UK, the USA, and other countries. There, youths of the same age write to the young Indian artists, and, as pen pals, exchange views about the project, cultures, art, and families. The aim of The Gandhi Bridge Of Understanding project is to overcome religious and cultural prejudices, and to help further understanding of one's own, as well as other cultures. Read more

  • Gandhi musical and educational project
    A musical about the life of Mahatma Gandhi has been produced in the Netherlands. It had its premiere on January 30, 2008, which was Gandhi's 60th death anniversary. The first performance of the musical has been played by 12 to 18 years old teenagers. Apart of the Dutch performance a professional version in English is under production.  Gandhi, the musical is a new and personal discovery of the life of Gandhi. His
    public life as a resolute leader is presented against the reality of his private life as father and husband with all shortcomings and doubts of a human being. How did Gandhi manage to live according to his principles and ideals? What choices made him capable changing a whole country? What price did he pay for being the father of India? The creatives from Amstelveen College, Netherlands, and the GandhiServe Foundation work together in partnership to produce the musical and to make it available allover.
    The project has its own website:

  • Photographic, audio-visual and experiential exhibition for school children
    The UK Gandhi Foundation and GandhiServe Foundation have jointly developed a photographic, audio-visual and experiential exhibition for school children. The exhibition is displayed at the Gandhi Foundation's head quarters at Kingsley Hall community centre in East London. The exhibition is being funded by a memorial fund, set up in memory of Gandhi Foundation founder Surur Hoda. An educational pack on Mahatma Gandhi accompanies the photographic exhibition. It is being produced by retired teacher, Susan Denton-Brown, who has written a guide on teaching Gandhi in schools in the UK.

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