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Our Mission


Devadas Gandhi, the youngest son of Mohandas Karamchand (aka Mahatma - the Great Soul) Gandhi, had a mission: to document his father's life visually day-by-day. He contributed to it by putting together the first major collection of film footage on him for the Gandhi Films Committee, which made for the later production of Vithalbhai Jhaveri's cinematographic venture MAHATMA and Richard Attenborough's film Gandhi. Today, it is GandhiServe Foundation's mission to carry on and complete the task of Devadas Gandhi, who died at a premature age in 1957.


"The study of Gandhian thought is and will remain important for ages. However, it seems to be particularly important in the present-day world threatened as it is by nuclear war and total destruction. The understanding and application of the Gandhian technique of nonviolence for the many problems facing the world today will go a long way in leading it to peace."

Vithalbhai K. Jhaveri,
January 19, 1963

"An exhibition (read here: A web site) should be such as to prompt people to visit it once, twice, three times, even four times with their eyes and ears open, and if possible with the eyes and the ears of their souls open... We should endeavor to make the exhibition (web site) a sacred and holy place, a feast for eyes and ears, a spiritual feast capable of purifying the senses... An exhibition (A web site) is thus not a spectacular show, but a kind of fairyland."

Gandhi's Signature       M.K. Gandhi

"Today we no longer have a choice between violence or nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or non-existence."

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"If I knew that the world would perish tomorrow I would still plant an apple tree today."
Martin Luther

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