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Mahatma Gandhi during the satyagraha campaign in South Africa, 1913/14 "My particular respect to your foundation and its work in the spirit of Gandhi, whose thoughts and deeds are of burning topicality."   Richard von Weizs├Ącker (President of the Federal Republik of Germany 1984-1994)

"I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how wonderful your online resource to Gandhi is. I am sure you hear this often. I am a daily visitor to your website. I discovered it about two months ago and was hooked. I have read much of the content of your site and have enjoyed my readings very much. I think we should spread this resource of yours far and wide. Gandhi would be very humbled by your website, but I think he would also be grateful for all of the work that went into collecting all of this data. Extraordinary work. I thank you for this most excellent collection of resources."   K. C.

"You have done us all a service by putting that visual material up on Google. My students and the rest of the world thank you."  Prof. M. N.

"The causes behind my commitment to support you are your noble work which I sense through your work, your readiness and passion for doing some thing better to the well being of this world. I really wish to see you success." - K. S.

"I have bookmarked the website and whenever I feel like I need some inspiration, I visit it. I have not yet gone through everything you have posted but whatever I have seen and heard is extremely original and impressive collection. I can see the hard work, belief and passion of you and your team ... I grew up in India studying Gandhiji's work. I can't agree with you more that his work is even more relevant and important for the world today."   N. P.

"Your website is eyecatching, beautiful, informative and excellent."   -   M. P. B.

"Thank you for your very quick despatch of my charkha. I am utterly delighted with it... The charkha was well packed and suffered no damage in transit. I was particulary pleased to find that the internal packing material was made up from cotton puni that I could use to spin on my charkha. I also was delighted to see the use of so many recycled and handmade material in the charkha. I had the charkha "up and running" within half an hour of receiving it and look forward to many hours of enjoyment from it."    B. L.

"Thank you GandhiServe, What an efficient organisation you are!... I would also like to say that I am inspired and fascinated by your website and the archive material you keep. I use it at work (I teach teenagers in hospital) and recommend it to like-minded friends who are dismayed by the high consumption life styles of Western society. Being a spinner, weaver and basket maker (and loving India) means there are always Gandhi quotes I can read for inspiration from your database."   - P. C.

"Many thanks for your prompt replies, and for providing excellent service and feedback."     - S. B.

"Hello, Your web site is wonderful and perfect. Thank you very much for this useful site."   - J. M.

"Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful site on Gandhiji. I visited it many times since I discovered this site."   A. R.

"Your service is so fantastic! Thank you so very much."   - J. S.

"84 minutes! I know I have asked for my order (of images; GSF) to be fulfilled as quickly as possible, but this is remarkable. Most grateful thanks!"   R. T.

"We greatly appreciate your very efficient service in providing the photo of Gandhi. It is a pleasure to do business with you."  - B. D.

"Your web site is a wonderful tribute to Gandhiji."  -  A. McA.

"I must congratulate you for the effort you have made to build up this archive."   - K. G.

"Your organization is doing a great service by spreading Gandhi's message. It would be great if we had a GandhiServe where I live."  -  D. C.

"Thank you. I received the 5x7 picture of Gandhi and the spinning wheel and the mug with his picture. They are of excellent quality and very prompt delivery."  -  J. O.

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