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Gandhi - A Photo Biography  by  Peter Rühe

250 x 250 mm, 9 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches, 320pp, 294 duotone photographs, US$29.95 (Hardcover US$39.95)

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The English language edition is also available in: Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France and Japan

The French edition
Indian president presented Barack Obama a photo-biography on Mahatma Gandhi by Peter Rühe

The Times of India, 8 November 2010

NEW DELHI: The three-day whirlwind tour of US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle came to a fitting end with a grand banquet hosted by President Pratibha Patil at Rashtrapati Bhawan on Monday evening.
Obama takes back with him not just the experience of India but memorabilia of a leader he has evoked several times in the past three days. Patil presented the US president with a bust and two books on Mahatma Gandhi including a photo-biography by German Peter Ruhe and `The Life of Mahatma Gandhi' by US journalist Louis Fischer. ...

In this compelling photo biography, almost 300 images document Gandhi's incredible story. The fascinating photographs are primarily drawn from an extraordinary archive compiled by Peter Rühe who has worked for over 20 years preserving fragile family photographs and bringing together official and informal collections. In this unprecedented visual survey, we can see the sweep of world politics and the struggles of the poor in the life of one man whose impact on the world is matched by few in the history of mankind. As Albert Einstein said: 'Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.'


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This 28 minutes video presents footage (unedited film material) of the launch of the Indian edition of Peter
Ruhe's photo biography "Gandhi" by then Indian Home Minister L.K. Advani, held at India International
Center, New Delhi, 25 January 2002. Watch on YouTube

The Reader's Voice:

"A picture equals thousand words. In this collection of rare photographs of a rare individual history of an idea unfolds. It is also a window into British India at its last stages. Book itself is tastefully produced and photographs are of excellent quality. I strongly recommend this book. Gandhi's letter to Hitler is poignant, particularly in the light of recent developments in the world where war is looming large."
A reader from Liverpool, UK  

"A brief biography along with the finest, most extensive collection of Gandhi photos ever published. A real treat."
Mark Shepard, USA  

"This coffee-table publication deserves to be in the library of every Indian university and embassy abroad. It would be one way of keeping alive the ideals and principles of the one Indian with whom India is identified more than by anyone else."
Shanti Karuna, India  

"I have read many books about, and by M.K. Gandhi and what was lacking, for me, was what Rühe has brought to us - a fantastic pictorial history. I saw the book advertised in a yoga magazine and I couldn't wait to get online to order it from Amazon. The book is wonderful. Rühe's love of, and dedication to Gandhi shines through this book and I wasn't disappointed. I found the book very inspiring and moving. It helped to consolidate all that I have read about Gandhi. Otherwise, my image of Gandhi would have remained as a man in a loin cloth with glasses and a shaven head. The pictures of his younger days are a joy to see. If you also love Gandhi and his ideals then I recommend that you buy this book and keep it close to hand. You'll never grow tired of it. If anything, it will inspire you and make you want to find out more about him. It would also be an excellent choice for a school, college or university library. For me, the book brought Bapu to life and if I could praise Rühe in person, I would."
Karen Stringfellow, UK  

"This book is an amazing compilation of photographs, in chronological order, telling you about the life and philosophy of Gandhi. The pictures tell the story themselves and help you get a feeling of how things really were and the true magnitude of the movement for an independent India."
A reader from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA  

"Excellent book, the photo-biography on Mahatma Gandhi the Father of India was a real pleasure to read and a wonderful account of his life told in pictures... "
A reader from Los Angeles, California, USA  
V I D E O (Real) of India launch by Indian Home Minister L.K. Advani.
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