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  Peter Rühe


Design of 13 exhibitions on Mahatma Gandhi, presented over 70 times in Germany, Denmark, England, Israel and India.

A selection of exhibitions panels:
  • My Life is My Message - German, 1984 image
  • My Life is My Message - German, 1984 (minor exhibit) image
  • My Life is My Message - German, 1987 image
  • My Life is My Message - English, Hebrew, Arabic, 1987 image
  • MAHATMA - Images of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 2002 image
  • Mahatma Gandhi - Travelling by Train, 2003 image
  • Rare Moments With Bapu - From the Dustbin of Mahatma Gandhi's Personal Photographer, 2005 image
A selection of exhibition presentations:
  • First major exhibition on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi in Berlin, Germany, 30 January - 31 March 1984  video video image image
  • Protestant Church Day, Duesseldorf, Germany, 1984 image
  • Antikriegshaus Sievershausen, Germany, 1 - 30 September 1984 image
  • Airport Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany, 1984 image
  • Indischer Verein Bharat Majlis, Berlin, Germany, 2 - 15 November 1984 image
  • Volkshochschule Schoeneberg, Berlin, Germany, 24 September - 30 October 1984 image
  • Adolf-Reichwein-Schule, Berlin-Schoeneberg, Germany, 29 May - 12 June 1985 image
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 1985 image
  • Stadtb├╝cherei Schoeneberg, Berlin, Germany, 18 November - 13 December 1985 image
  • Book Fair Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1986 image
  • Congress Centrum Wuerzburg, Germany, 4 - 10 June 1986 image
  • India Night, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany, 28 June 1986 image
  • Indische Mensawochen, 1986, TU/FU/TFH, Berlin, Germany image
  • Major exhibition at the Ecomenical Center of Tantur, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel, 13 October - 10 November 1987 internet
  • My Life is my Message - Mi Vida es mi Mensaje, Madrid, Spain, 2008 and Valladolid, Spain, 2009 internet


  • Co-author of the book  My Life Is My Message - Das Leben and Wirken von M.K. Gandhi (German), 1984. internet writing
  • Author of the photo biography Gandhi, published by Phaidon Press, London/New Yorkm, 2001. internet video


  • Adviser to ORF (Austrian TV) for a TV program on Gandhi, Mirabehn, the Chipko movement, and ecology in the Himalaya region (Bäume umarmen - Hugging Trees), 1985. video
  • Adviser to ZDF/3SAT (German TV) for a 3-hours TV programme, on Gandhi, 1987. video pdf
  • Consultant to ZDF (German TV) for a TV quiz on Gandhi, 1988. video
  • Director research for a documentary TV serial on Gandhi directed by Ketan Mehta, Mumbai, 1997.
  • Consultant to the BBC TV documentary The World's Most Photographed - Mahatma Gandhi, 2004. video
  • Consultant to the feature film Gandhi My Father, 2005. internet video

Audio visual

  • Direction and production of the audio visual show NAMASTÉ- A Journey Across India Following The Footprints Of Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi video, English video and German video language, 1998. internet

Performing Arts

  • Consultant to the theater play SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire, 2003. internet
  • Consultant to Gandhi the musical, 2007. internet video


  • Preparation of an extensive photo archive on Gandhi and India's independence movement, 1988 - 1994. internet
  • Promotion of Search-n-Research in India, a countrywide project for the identification and conservation of original material on and by Mahatma Gandhi, 1999. pdf


  • Design and administration of the most extensive web site on Mahatma Gandhi, GandhiServe's Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service, 1998 - dato. internet
  • Creation of GandhiTopia, a Gandhian social network, 2009. internet video
  • Planning, design and production of GandhiMedia, GandhiServe's digital media archive, 2011. internet


  • Establishment of Gandhi Information Center, Berlin, 1983 (chairperson from 1983 to 1992). pdf internet
  • Establishment of the not-for-profit company GandhiServe e.K. in Germany, 1998. pdf internet
  • Establishment of the charitable GandhiServe Foundation in Berlin, Germany, 2002. internet pdf


  • Award for life work by the Gujarati Writers' Association, Rajkot, 1992. pdf
  • Award Photographer of the Year by Dinodia Picture Agency, Mumbai, 1996.

  • Oral history about Mahatma Gandhi and India's independence movement. internet internet internet internet
  • Consultant to owners of original material on and about Mahatma Gandhi for its preservation and accessibility. internet
  • Established tour guide to India in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, 1987 - dato. internet video video video image
  • Initiation and coordination of GandhiServe's Earthquake Relief Campaign in Gujarat, 2001. internet image
  • Establishment and promotion of the International youth project The Gandhi Bridge of Understanding, 1991 - 2007. internet
  • Consultant to various media projects on Gandhi all over the world, such as TV and broadcast programs, films, CD-ROMs, exhibitions, CDs, records, web sites, publications and audio visual shows.
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